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cousin silas - ballard landscapes 2 (emp030)

Earth Monkey favourite Cousin Silas follows up Ballard Landscapes - continuing with soundscapes inspired by the writing of J G Ballard

‘Listening to Ballard Landscapes while actually reading some dark Ballard sci-fi would be perfect just check out Abandonned Motorway and weep for humanities future’ undomondo

Cousin Silas, born and bred in the Colne Valley, a (so I'm told) a beautiful part of West Yorkshire. Born in 1959, inspiration tends to come from as far and wide as JG Ballard, Fortean events, memories and, of course, Brian Eno.

Also available by Cousin Silas on Earth Monkey Productions:

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Relic Once Lost (emp019) (Cousin Silas remixes Manassas)

:: FALLING :: an earth monkey productions compilation (emp025) (features the Cousin Silas track Crashed Bomber With Weeds)

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on 3/13/2007